Lightroom Mobile (20 Presets)

Lightroom Mobile (20 Presets)

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This preset pack is specifically for Adobe Lightroom Mobile CC. It is a collection of 18 of my favorite presets from my Full Collection as well as 2 new presets. 

There are 20 total presets in the download, as well as a guide explaining how to get them on your phone and how to use them.

You will need a computer to get them to your mobile device, unless you have an app installed to unzip .zip files such as WinZip (iOS, Android).

Using these presets is a little different than on the desktop version because Lightroom Mobile doesn't currently allow custom presets. These work through copy and pasting edits from my photos (the 20 presets) to your photos. It is just a little slower of a process but it works well, and I explain it all in the guide. 

When/if Lightroom Mobile adds a specific custom preset option, you will receive an updated version of these presets for free.