Lightroom Presets by Travel and Adventure Photographer Michael Matti

These Lightroom presets were created over the last few years of traveling and working on photo projects around the globe. I have used these presets to help build my brand and social media presence. They have allowed me to edit photos quickly on the road while still achieving a dynamic look in my photos. These are my personal presets that I actually use in my editing workflow. 
For more of my work and examples of what these presets can do, head on over to my IG (@MichaelMatti).
So why buy these presets? 
These presets will...
  • Help you create dynamic and vibrant images.
  • Save you time in your editing workflow.
  • Help you achieve different looks instantaneously.
  • Allow you to use specific presets for specific types of photos (Fall Colors, Winter, etc).
  • Give you a professional looking edit without wasting time adjusting various sliders with each new image.
  • Help you learn more about editing and what goes into different types of edits..

Each Preset contains 3 versions: a light edit, a regular edit, and a heavy edit. 

This allows you to select the exact edit you'd like for each photo. 

For more information about each preset pack simply click the link below.


Here is a short video of some of the presets in action.

And here are a few before/after examples of what these presets can do. 


These are just 4 of the Presets in the full collection.